Rusmur Floor’s Guide to Buying Area Rugs

With so many options in front of you, it can be hard to decide on just one area rug for your home. From size to color to fabric to design; there are so many things to consider!

Choosing the Right Area Rug

Rusmur Floors is here to make the process simpler. When choosing an area rug consider the following:

First, consider the area that your new rub will cover. Will the area rug need to be large? Small? Is the area a highly trafficked space?

Second, considering whether the surface of the area is slippery (hardwood, tile, etc.). If so, opt for an area rug that adapts easily to a non-slip pad to keep it in-place.

Next, allow a Rusmur representative at one of our convenient locations to show you our complete inventory of colors, designs, and fabrics. You want your area rug to mesh well with the rest of the room it will be situated in!

Finally, rest assured knowing that your hard-earned money is going towards a quality, long-lasting product – the only kind you’ll find at Rusmur Floors!

You’ll be heading home with an area rug that perfectly complements your decor and will hold up for years to come.