The arrival of spring is always an exciting time of year. Warm weather, longer days, and plenty of sunshine are just around the corner. It’s also the perfect time of year to refresh your home by updating your flooring with new materials or trying out a new layout design. Whether you prefer hardwood, laminate, carpet or tile, these types of flooring offer big style in a variety of ways. Here are some ideas for how to incorporate the latest trends into your home.


When it comes to hardwood, the possibilities are endless. Laminate is a great budget-friendly option, but more people are craving real hardwood floors. Although they present a higher upfront cost, real hardwood can be refinished over time and restained to match the ever-changing trends. They’re incredibly durable and add more value to your home as well.

Furthermore, homeowners are passing up the immensely popular warm, reddish toned hardwood floors for richer, darker, and cooler colors. Blends of ebony and dark walnut are quickly becoming all the rage along with rich browns and dark grays and in some cases, solid black. While these colors look great, they do require a dedicated amount of maintenance as dust and any scratches or imperfections are easy to spot. Conversely, going dark is a great way to cover up any differences in flooring materials, creating a smooth, cohesive look.

If the darker shades are a little too intense for your taste, not to worry! The two hottest flooring trends in 2018 cover both ends of the spectrum: very dark and very light. Grays, gray blends, and white washed hardwood flooring is also very popular and of-the-moment. However, achieving this trendy look can be difficult. The process of staining wood floors gray is tricky and time consuming and white washing floors have a tendency to blow the budget.

The happy medium would be light, natural looking floors with more muted colors that avoid the yellow undertones that typically come through. The benefits of this type of hardwood include easy maintenance and several environmentally friendly and practical options. Go with a flat finish, such as matte or satin, for a low sheen and more sophisticated feel to avoid looking outdated.

Carpeting & Tile

Carpet can feel just as luxurious and high-end as hardwood with the right combination of pattern, color and texture, the three biggest factors that play into the hottest trends for spring 2018.

Nature-inspired patterned carpet along with carpet tiles and geometric patterns can add visual interest and eclectic feel to any room. Statement walls and art pieces have been popular for some time, but now your flooring can also share in the spotlight. Geometric designs are wildly popular among tile designs and are not limited to flooring. Most common in kitchens and bathrooms, funky and unique tile designs can go beyond flooring and used for backsplash and wall designs as well.

Despite the popularity of white kitchens, bathrooms, and walls, pops of vibrant colors all across the entire color wheel can be unexpected, funky, and fresh. Taking a risk with colored carpeting could have a big style payoff, so don’t be afraid to mix bold colors with different patterns or stripes. A brand new trend for 2018 is carpet with a hint of shimmer and shine, a look that takes an otherwise neutral color to the next level. Perfect for blush, grey, and lilac tones this style adds a touch of vibrancy to a sophisticated feel. Pair it with shimmery wallpaper or decorative paint for an even more glamorous aesthetic.

Getting out of bed in the morning might not be your favorite part of the day, but having your feet land on soft, touchable carpet can make it a little better. Soft carpeting is making a huge statement in looks and practicality all while adding extra character to your home. This trend offers silky-smooth materials and durability with convenient built-in stain resistance, an exciting added feature for households with kids or pets.