Spring is officially here! You know what that means – Time for spring cleaning! Here’s a list to start you on the right track. So blast the music, throw open the windows and get to work! Cleaning Supplies

  1. Wash windows – Pro tip: Do it on a cloudy day to avoid streaks
  2. Vacuum/sweep/mop floors
  3. Deep clean carpets
  4. Clean beneath furniture and appliances
  5. Wash slipcovers and clean upholstery
  6. Vacuum window treatments
  7. Wash walls and baseboards
  8. Clean ceiling fans – Pro tip: Use a pillowcase to prevent dust from flying everywhere
  9. Dust light fixtures and light bulbs – Pro tip: Make sure the light bulbs are cool to the touch first
  10. Go through paper files and shred or toss what you no longer need
  11. Go through your clothing and donate, sell or toss things you no longer wear or fit into
  12. Wash bed linens, pillows, duvets, comforters, etc.
  13. Deep clean the bathroom sink, shower/tub and toilet
  14. Clean out your fridge and freezer – Toss out anything expired and wipe down all surfaces
  15. Shake out or wash floor mats and small area rugs
  16. Dust furniture

Of course, this isn’t a complete list, but this will get you started. Let us know what else you’d add to the list in the comments!