Carpet Flooring Offers Comfort, Warmth and Beauty

When you choose carpet from Rusmur Floors, you’re getting more than just a flooring solution. You’re getting the warm, welcoming, and comforting qualities carpet flooring offers. And with so many choices, you’re sure to find carpet that’s absolutely perfect for you!

Explore the World of Carpet Comfort

Carpet makes a house a home, but it also serves as a striking design element. With so many colors and textures to choose from, there’s one perfectly suited for your budget.


The benefits of carpet flooring are wall-to-wall. Think of your inspired choice in carpet as the canvas on which to show off the rest of your home’s design elements. Walls, window treatments, furniture, even artwork can pull visual cues from the carpet you choose as your home’s design foundation. And with today’s stain- and wear-resistant carpets, it’s styling you can count on for years to come.


Benefits of Carpet

Carpet stands up to foot traffic and resists life’s spills like never before. So, there’s no reason to put off buying new carpet because you have small children or pets. The carpet flooring you buy today is going to keep you smiling in the future.

Today’s carpet manufacturers have your lifestyle in mind, which is why they’re developing the softest, most foot-friendly carpets ever. Advances in fiber, weave and backing technologies have resulted in carpet flooring that brings both durability and refinement to any room.

Carpet Installation

When you’re ready to  get your carpet installed, leave it to the experts at Rusmur Floors. The team at Rusmur Floors brings over 50 years of carpet installation experience, so you can feel confident knowing your carpet flooring will be installed with precision.



With over 50 years of floor covering experience, you can depend on Rusmur Floors to guide you to the carpeting that’s perfect for your home or office. We stock a wide variety of carpets that match the way you live!

Come sit down with our staff and be delighted with the textures, colors, and costs of beautifying that special space. We will spend the time to make certain that you’re completely satisfied with every aspect of your carpeting investment and installation.



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A regular carpet maintenance program extends the life of the original appearance of your carpet. Today’s carpet fibers are designed to hide dirt and reflect light and have the ability to resist soiling and stains. However, the lack of apparent soiling does not eliminate the necessity of regular cleaning.
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