Creating a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall can begallery wall the perfect way to display your art and photos while adding interest to a wall or a focal point for a room. Gallery walls are also perfect for filling a large expanse of space without the need to purchase very large (and expensive!) artwork. To achieve the gallery wall of your dreams, use these tips and tricks:

  • For a more formal look, use matching frames hung symmetrically, keeping a common theme or color scheme throughout the artwork.
  • For a casual look, use varied frames in different shapes, sizes, orientation and colors, hung in an uneven layout.
  • Pick a color palette to stick to for the majority of your photos, but don’t be afraid to try some artwork outside of that palette for a unique look.
  • Use mixed media, especially in a casual gallery wall – different types of artwork, mirrors, signs and other design elements.
  • If you are varying frame size and shape, use one oversized piece as a visual anchor for the wall.
  • Try to keep an overall balance on all sides of your gallery wall, even if you’re going for an uneven look.
  • Allow enough space between your artwork so that it doesn’t looked cramped, but not so much that the layout doesn’t look purposeful or cohesive.
  • Try one of these tricks to hang up your gallery wall: either arrange frames on the floor and take a picture to work from when transferring it to the wall, or if you really want to ensure perfection – cut out the shapes of your frames in butcher paper, parchment paper or craft paper and arrange them on the wall, adding the nails before removing the paper from the wall.
  • If you can’t put nails or holes in your walls, use a photo rail to recreate the feel of a gallery wall. The artwork will also be easier to swap out, making it more functional for evolving taste in artwork.

The biggest rule of thumb when creating a gallery wall is making sure it is filled with artwork that you love! Be patient while collecting artwork, it takes time to find pieces that you truly adore, but the wait will pay off in the end.

New Year’s Resolutions for the Home

2016 is here and you’ve probably already made several resolutions for your body and mind, but what about some resolutions for around the home as well? Here are some ideas to improve your home in 2016:

  • Institute cleaning systems around the house to make cleaning easier – separate the tasks into daily (wipe down counters, make bed, etc.) and weekly (mop floors, etc.) chores, with weekly chores being rotated throughout the month.
  • Check that your fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors are all working correctly, and replace any necessary batteries.
  • Minimize clutter – Create filing systems and dedicated “drop zones” for mail and paperwork. Donate clothes and other unused items. Shred old paperwork.
  • Go digital – Transfer your bills to online billing to create less paper and mail. Consider scanning in old paperwork you still may need, but not in original form, so it’s all stored on the computer.
  • Write down your household financial goals for the year – Buying new furniture, paying off your mortgage, buying a new home or necessary home repairs or updates. Then create a plan for achieving these goals – creating a new savings account, how much money you’ll put aside for each goal a month, etc.
  • Add some decorative touches to your home just to make you smile! Plants, photos, quotes, whatever it may be – just put it somewhere that you’ll see it every day.
  • Commit to saving energy around the house – These tips from can help you get started.

What are your resolutions for your home this year? Let us know in the comments!