Easy and Cheap DIYs for This Summer

Looking to spruce up your home this summer? Try these easy and cheap DIYs – Perfect for a rainy day!

  1. Update your kitchen or furniture hardware by spray painting current hardware or installing new ones.
  2. Paint – furniture, accent walls, rooms.
  3. Add “wainscoting” – Attach craft store picture frames to walls and paint to match.
  4. Regrout the shower to make it sparkle like new.
  5. Dress up your house number to add some curb appeal.
  6. Replace your light switch and electrical outlet covers.
  7. Make some coasters.
  8. Give your jewelry a pretty storage
  9. Spray paint a cookie tray to create a pretty magnetic board.
  10. Make your own dry erase board with a picture frame.

What are your favorite easy DIYs? Let us know in the comments!

Pittsburgh Summer Fun List

Here’s what on our Pittsburgh summer bucket list. What’s on yours? Let us know in the comments!

  1. Kennywood
  2. Sandcastlepnc park
  3. Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium
  4. Kayaking at one of Kayak Pittsburgh’s locations
  5. Go for a hike or whitewater rafting in Ohiopyle
  6. Dollar Bank Cinema in the Park
  7. Downtown Rooftop Shindig
  8. See a concert at Hartwood Acres
  9. Get in a water gun and water balloon fight
  10. Slip-n-slide
  11. Play mini golf
  12. Batting cages
  13. Go to the drive-in
  14. Spend a Saturday or Sunday morning at a farmer’s market to grab some fresh food for dinner
  15. See Pittsburgh from a new perspective by taking a duck tour
  16. Take a cruise on the Gateway Clipper
  17. Go to a Pirates game
  18. Catch a show at Stage AE
  19. Head over to the National Aviary for an afternoon
  20. Enjoy all Pittsburgh’s many city parks have to offer – tennis courts, swimming pools, golf courses and more
  21. Don’t forget rainy days too – Pittsburgh has great museums for all ages and interests

Why You Need a Rug Pad

After spending all that money on a beautiful new rug, don’t forgetrug-maintenance to purchase a rug pad too.  While it may seem just like a way to get you to spend more money, a rug pad benefits your rug in many ways. Here are some of the top reasons why you need a rug pad:

  • Longevity – Using a rug pad will help extend the life of your rug by giving it some extra cushion to protect the rug fibers thus protecting it from wear and tear. A rug pad will also allow you to vacuum your rug more thoroughly, adding to its longevity.
  • Safety – A rug pad will help your rug stay right where it’s supposed to be – no slipping around and causing people to fall. It’s especially important to provide this extra “grip” on hardwood floors and other slippery flooring materials.
  • Surface Protection – Not only does a rug pad protect your rug, it also protects the surface beneath the rug. No more scuffs, staining, dyeing or other damage for the floor underneath.
  • Noise Level – Rug pads can help reduce sound in your home, allowing for a much quieter and more peaceful environment.
  • Comfort – Lastly, a rug pad adds an extra layer of padding and cushion under your rug, making your home feel much more comfortable and cozy.


Want to know which rug pad is right for your rug? Stop into one of our locations today and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect one!

Which Flooring Width is Right for Your Wood Floor?

So you’ve decided on hardwood flooring and even picked out which species of flooring you’re using – think you’re done making flooring decisions? Nope! Now it’s time to decide on the width for your flooring planks. wood-begin

Traditionally, wood flooring came in narrow strips with widths of less than 3-1/2”, but times have changed and there are more options than ever before. The traditional narrow boards can make a smaller room feel more spacious, but larger rooms and homes are now the norm.

Open floor plans and larger homes have made wider flooring (with long lengths for balance) much more popular because it helps to balance the space out. With wider widths, there are also fewer seams, creating a beautiful streamlined look.

Using varying widths throughout a room can add a modern element to the design, whereas using one width throughout the room achieves a nice clean look.

At the end of the day, the correct flooring width is the one that you feel compliments your space and design style best. Do you have more questions about flooring widths? Stop into any of our locations today and talk to one of our sales representatives!